"What's the camp like?"

Camp is beautiful but rustic! We have a river that runs through the middle of camp, a dining hall, two gymnasiums, basketball court, rustic cabins. Camp buildings are not heated or air conditioned. The property will help you to connect with God and his creation!

"What are the cabins like?"

Each cabin has a bathroom with two stalls, two sinks, and a shower. They are large cabins and each hold about 10 twin size beds. They are not heated or air conditioned. 

"I’m not the biggest fan of camping or staying in a cabin...can I still come and sleep at a hotel?" 
Yes you can :) There are multiple hotels within a 10-15 minute drive, near Camp Hope for Kids. You'll have to pay for your hotel room. 

"Can children come? Will there be a price break?" 
Yes! As for family discounts, children under 12 are free.  

“Can we bring our own alcohol?”

NO. *No alcohol on camp property.*

"I can't come now. Can I have a refund?" 
Sorry, this is a non-refundable event and fundraiser essential for CHFK. Our reasoning is because when we sold your ticket, we built our event budget on your lovely face coming, and is standard policy for ticketed concerts/festivals. Hope you understand. But you CAN transfer/sell your ticket to someone else.

"Who will be leading worship, speaking, etc?
Worship leaders from the Greater Philadelphia Church of Christ, Boston Church of Christ, New York City Church of Christ, and the ACR family of churches. There will also be some special guests that you'll have to come to find out :) Marc Persing will be heading up the worship team. Marc is a Campus Minister and a worship leader in the NJ Region of the NYCCOC. We'll keep you updated on other worship leaders who may be coming. We're excited about the diversity of our team!

“What about food?” 

CHFK will be providing meals starting Thursday night at 6pm and ending Saturday morning at 8am. Meals are breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12:30pm, and dinner at 6pm. The food will vary each day but will be simple. There are diners nearby and two convenient Wawa's. 

"So, what exactly will we do?" 
A little bit of everything, really. We'll mainly be worshipping, singing new songs as well as some old ones, participate in collaborative workshops, wrestle with new ideas, experience blow-your-mind teaching from our spiritual leaders, have great time with God, and unwind around a massive campfire every evening. You get the idea. It's worth taking a few days off work.
"Why isn't it free?" 
Well, it turns out these events are expensive to run. Camp Hope for Kids has been so awesome in hosting this event but this is also acting as a fundraiser as all tickets sales will go to continue the work of CHFK. Comparatively speaking, we think the ticket prices are reasonable. We hope you do to:) 

“Are animals allowed?”
NO. Only guide dogs are permitted on the camp property. 

“How should I prepare for weather?”
We suggest checking the weather forecast before you depart. Camp gets cold at night so pack warm clothes. The afternoons will warm up but pack layers and rain gear as well as some blankets. Feel free to be cozy and comfortable during our main worship sessions. A waterproof shell is a must for campers. 

“Will there be on-site parking?”
Yes. We have two parking locations for Harvest 2019: main parking lot (129 Yerger Rd) or the field on the other side of camp. Our parking crew will direct you when you arrive. Please respect our parking crew when you arrive as this will be a lot of people arriving at the same time. 

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